This year, to minimise empty racking and pool slots you will receive a 15 minute registration window 1 week before the race, once you register you will then have 30 mins to rack your bike and be on the pool side.
Registration times will be allocated in order of estimated swim time. If you wish to have a longer warm up / toilet visit, we suggest you allow some extra time to do this before you register.
Racking will be available at registration.


Parking is at Kronospan Ltd, LL14 5NT, it is across the B5070 from the Leisure Centre on Chapel Lane, please do not try to park at the leisure centre as you will affect competitors.
There will be marshals helping you to park, ensure you follow instructions.
Collect all your belongings and proceed across the B5070 onto Chapel Lane, registration is reached via the rear of the Library on Chapel Lane, it will be signposted.


At registration BTF Members will be issued with a £5 refund on production of a valid Home Nation membership card, no card, no refund.
You will then be issued with a race number, a matching timing chip (which should be attached to your left ankle) and your bike stickers.
Please affix the stickers to your bike and helmet before entering transition.


Once you have registered you should immediately take your equipment to transition and find your allocated number. Numbers 1 - 250 should rack as numbered, numbers 251 - 500 should rack on numbers 1 - 250
Once you are happy with your equipment, proceed to the poolside and join the swim queue.
Swimmers will be taken 4 at a time and started at 3 min intervals in the order that they arrive.

400m Swim

Pool Queue

Please make sure you arrive at the pool side between 15 and 30 mins after you have registered.
On arrival at the pool you should join the queue and ensure you have read and understood the race briefing.
Swimmers will enter the pool in arrival order in waves of 4 people every 3 minutes, starting from 08:00. Each wave will wear a different colour hat.


swim picture

The swim is 16 lengths and you must swim in a circular direction indicated to you by the lane marshal as there will be other swimmers in the lane. Your lengths will be counted and a "2 laps to go" board will be inserted as you approach 350m.

Transition 1

After your have completed your swim, exit the pool and remove your swim hat before leaving the pool hall via the side exit into transition.
Please do not run in the pool hall.
Proceed to your bike, ensure you have fastened your helmet before touching your bike and making your way to Bike Out. Do not ride in transition
You may only mount your bike once you have passed the mount line otherwise it is likely you will receive a 2 min penalty from the race referee.

23km Bike


Please obey marshals at all times, they are there for your safety. Where there are coned sections for bikes please keep your speed below 10mph and refrain from overtaking. There are two right turns that will be marshalled by experienced traffic management crews. Please ensure that you follow the rules of the road at all times to avoid disqualification.


Transition 2

On returning to Transition, dismount before the dismount line and remember not to remove your helmet until your bike is securely racked in the same position you got it from. Put on your running shoes and head towards the run out for the 5km run.

5km Run


The run exits transition in the opposite direction to the bike exit. Turn right out of the Leisure Centre and proceed to the T junction. Turn left and proceed up the steady hill. Turn right over the bypass and descend the steep hill. Continue for several hundred metres before forking left. Narrow lanes take you to the turnaround point. Return along the course and the finish is at the Leisure Centre. See new map on website. Water station will be at the half way stage at the turnaround point.



On returning to the leisure centre you need to run through the finish funnel.
There will be water and other refreshments available to all finishers.
After you have finished, please remove your bike from transition as soon as possible as your space may be needed by another athlete.



Prize giving will take place at the finish area or in the registration hall in bad weather at 16:00 Overall cash prizes for top 3 men and women

  • 1st £100
  • 2nd £50
  • 3rd £25

Age Groups

Age group winners prizes as follows

  • Youths (15-16)
  • Juniors (17-19)
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+
All age group prizes are nutrition bundles.
Age as on 31st Dec 2022

Athletes can win more than 1 prize if overall and age group prize winner

Other prizes

First male and female from chirk

Nutrition bundle